"Steve Albini would be proud" - Skull-Valley

"Brooklyn-based cellist/singer Valerie Kuehne might make the proto-typical classical fan - those Mozart and Mendelsohn worshipers - keel over and die. But I'm not so sure Kuehne would mind. Red hair knotted, cello battered and covered in duct tape, she brings an angst to the instrument that many have long forgotten. Her lyrics float down like hard Wagnerian spats of anger. Her melodies lull you in, only to rip you apart in the next beat. Her final song is a slinkingly dark ode to sleep and death. She had the whole crowd singing along, and me thinking - if this music thing doesn't work out, she'd probably make an awesome cult leader. Valerie Kuehne, check her out. You will love it. (You will)." - Boston Public Space

"sporadic and wild and comical, walking a strange line" - Knocks From The Underground

"a *genius* (not a term I use lightly)" - Natti Vogel

"She's part punk classical cellist, part performance artist, but her performance art isn't the foofy, mannered kind - it's oldschool 80s style and it has fangs. And it's hilarious" - Lucid Culture

"we remember the age of Karen Findlay where the audience was treated to character aggresssion, extreme theater, bodily fluids, etc...Valerie lives up to that tradition except the only bodily fluids are in the audience because in 'newyorkese' she's not only a pissah but....she knows where Chris Farley is..." - Michael Shaeffer, Our Net News

"Not your ordinary lady with a cello." - Boston Hassle

"Life in the United States, in my generational view anyway, is a life of continual loss. You lose things. A piano, friends, a house, a job, parents, your car keys, that important note you wrote to yourself, your youth. And then you (one hopes) gain things too. There's always new music, for example. Here today is something to gain. It's the music of Valerie Kuehne" - Gapplegate Classical-Modern Review

"Kuehne opts for a slower cadence in 'West Virginia' and flails into spoken word theatrics and finger plucking, while 'Long, Long Sleep' cuts like a glassy-eyed lullaby sung by Virginia Woolf as the weight of the stones pull her under. Not for the faint of heart." - Kristen K, Razorcake

"Kuehne gigs around town, and far outside of town, with a marathon persistence to rival B.B. King in his most energetic years" - NY Music Daily

"A fearless cello master with a relentlessly creative soul....Kuehne's hair thrashing, undulating cello pieces sent her glasses flying to the ground (she didn't miss a beat however)." - Shakefist Magazine

"..spasmodic bursts of clatter and skree via cello, drums, and guitar, typically played in ways that would make conventional music teachers shudder in horror." - Seattle Stranger