pending: release of February 14th, 2013. This will be a 12" Record featuring AS MANY CAMEOS AS POSSIBLE by Artists whom I've loved and who made this Kickstarter Campaign

Phoenix Goes Crazy, Brooklyn, NY, November 2012
Tartar Sauce, Prehistoric Horse, August 2012
Mythological Chaos, Hafftka/Kuehne, Six Gallery Press, Brooklyn, NY, July 2012
7" Split w/ Joey Molinaro, Inverted Music Company, Brooklyn, NY, May 2011
Hollow Bones, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, Modern Vintage Recordings, Brooklyn, NY, January, 2012
Tape Strangle EP, Public Speaking, Brooklyn, NY, November 2011
Dream Zoo, Brooklyn, NY, March 2011
Dream Zoo EP w/ Storm Garner, NY, NY, May, 2010
Buttons and Keys, Adrienne Anemone, Brooklyn, NY December 2011
Prehistoric Horse, Verdant Studios, VT, August, 2009
David Grollman/Valerie Kuehne, Baltimore MD, June 2008